One of My Favourite Films - The Accountant, Movie Review

Hi there Christian Damsel👋🏽. Welcome back! Today's post is long overdue - it's a movie review🥳!

The Accountant , Mount Zion


If you read my previous movie reviews, you know about Mount Zion Faith Ministries International. Sorry to seem monotonous but I'm reviewing another one from them again💪🏽. 

(And when you watch their films, you'll know why I thought them worthy of another space on my blog🤗).

In "The Accountant", the story follows a Christian widower who works as an accountant and is raising his two sons alone. Mr. Abraham is faithful both at home and on the job, but both environments are rich with testing. 

At the death of his wife, his older son lost faith in God as a result. He started drinking, partying and going after girls. At work, Mr. Abraham was being pressured to falsify numbers. It was so bad that his salary was being withheld, and rent was overdue. Of course, his landlord wasn't pleased, and eviction was imminent.

However, Mr. Abraham's  steadfastness eventually pays off in ways he does not expect🙂.

What I Liked

Although the story line is serious and sometimes causes tears (yes, I cried, and if you can watch it without crying please leave it in the comments😉) there are some moments of laughter and pure comedy.

For instance, when the two boys were making jokes about their dad's shoe being hungry because it was falling apart. That's because he was strapped for cash because of not being paid.

And you will agree (when you watch it) that the landlord is hilarious🤣. I don't want to spill too much, but look out for the scene when he comes to put Mr. Abraham's family out of the house…😂.

What I Don't Like

I literally put my hand on my chin trying to figure out something I don't like about this film🤔. 

Why don't you leave a comment if you find something you don't like?👍🏽

Memorable Characters

Besides Mr. Abraham as the star of the movie, there were some other notable characters.

  • David, the younger son, is a happy boy with pure childlikeness. He is the complete spiritual opposite of his older brother, Joshua…well…until God touched Joshua.

  • Mr. Abraham's boss was captivating in the role he played. He pulled off his stern, unyielding superior role well.  

  • Last but not least is Esther, the queen of the movie in my opinion! She had lost her parents in a plane crash but had kept her relationship with Jesus. It was her testimony and lifestyle that won back Joshua to God. I announce her as our star Christian Damsel🙂👍🏽!

Lessons Learned

  • The pastor who visited Mr. Abraham claimed he had a word from God for him. But as you will see when you watch it for yourself, his advice was not from God. The lesson here is that we must be steadfast in truth even if the deception is coming from someone we know and respect.

  • Another lesson from this movie is to keep on praying for our children. Mr. Abraham could have gotten discouraged and given up on his older son. However, he kept on mentioning him in prayer before God. God eventually used someone who his dad didn't even know to restore his backslidden son.

  • Finally, there is a lesson for all of us to endure in righteousness, and through the harsh trials of life. Mr. Abraham and Esther are a reminder to us to cling to God no matter what life may throw at us. In the end, someone will be touched by our testimony of faithfulness, and God may just have a tangible reward to give to us.

That's it for now my Christian damsels🌺. 

Please go check out The Accountant on YouTube. I promise you will enjoy it and be blessed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments🙋🏽‍♀️💐🌼🌺.

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  1. Me and my son, watch the movie, and we have a good laugh as you have rightful say, there was so meany lessons in it, and we have learn a lot, u have say it all I also love the part when Esther give the phone to Joshua to talk to her father the king, but did not hear anything why because he lack relationship I love that.

    1. Hi. I'm glad you and your son enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing your experience. God bless you both🙂.


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