I dropped out of medical school to become a blogger!

I love writing. In fact, I enjoy creating all kinds of content, like songs, calligraphy, poetry, and yes, writing too!

Being a fulltime content creator is my vision and passion. But that hasn't always been the case.

I was once a medical student.



In fact, I have two Bachelor's degrees in the sciences. After completing the first one, I wasn't sure or confident I could get a job working in that field, so I thought I would apply for medicine. 

I got accepted...if you can call that being accepted because I was required to pay the full economic cost of the programme (we're talking millions here people).

The first year was rough. 

I thought it was a joke how much information they expected us to know. 

I remember sitting in my first class thinking how I must have missed a secret weekend session because everyone else seemed so in tune with what was going on. I, on the other hand, was clueless and struggling to understand. 

Strike one.

Then, on that same first day, I was magically expected to have taken an extra $2000 to pay for lab tools. Of course all I had to my name was $1000 to serve me until whenever...

Strike two.

From there, it was pretty much downhill for me. I got so depressed that I lost my usual bubbly and vibrant personality. 

Strike three.

I had to do something about it before it was too late; before my parents spent any more money on this series of unfortunate events!

Some much-needed time off

Thankfully, I learned about taking a leave of absence for one year and I jumped at the opportunity.

I got a teaching job and was enjoying the feeling of making my own money.

It felt good to come home and not have to hit the books. With no course work to do, and no exams to prepare for, life was good.

So, without informing my university's medical department, I took another year off!

I even ended up applying for a transfer from medicine to another degree programme.

The plot thickens

After my two-year hiatus, I actually returned to medical school. 

Yes. Really.

I resumed my studies - this time, with a better more-than-a-conqueror mindset. And, you know what? I started seeing some results.

My grades soared, and I became known as one of the better students. There were times when I even had top grades in my group.

Again, life seemed to be sweet. 

But, disappointment loomed ahead of me yet again. This time, I would be dropping out of the programme, not just for two years, but for ten years (and counting!)

Was I devastated? No. Disappointed? Probably.

Determined never to go back through that process ever again? Absolutely!

When all else fails, get wed!

So, I did what any normal young woman who just dropped out medical school would do - I went and got married!

Then, after failing to land a good job, and while being a stayhome mom, I began storming the Internet for ways to make money from home

You name it, I have either applied for it, or actually tried it. Transcription, freelance writing, voiceovers, surveys, tutoring, podcasting, singing, and, oh yes, blogging. 

This isn't my first attempt at blogging. I think I have had at least two other blogs before finally settling on this one (and my other current blog - check it out here.)

From medicine to lifestyle blogging explained

But how do you make the transition from studying medicine to blogging for a living? You might think I should be writing about science, but that is not the whole story of who I am.

I am a lifestlye blogger.

My experience is a lot similar to what Leslie Samuel experienced.

And just who is Leslie Samuel you ask? Leslie had a dream of teaching college level Biology. The only problem is that he didn't have a PhD. 

So he started a blog and a YouTube channel teaching Biology and garnered thousands of subscribers.

Although that sounds all good, that's actually not where his story ends. His Biology blog landed him a job as a college lecturer. 

Now, he no longer teaches Biology, but does blogging full-time! You can read more about his amazing and inspiring story here.

Does that sound familiar? Do you think my story might have even the slightest connection to his?

What I am now, is a fulltime content creator. I run two blogs and a YouTube channel.

This blog you are enjoying is a fulltime business for me.

Am I making millions from it? No.

Am I paying the bills from it? Not yet.

Will it ever be profitable? Yes (with your help!)

The economic viability of this blog has a great deal to do with how you respond to it as a reader. 

At no cost to you, you can help promote this blog post (or any other article you find here) on all your social media platforms. (Sharing is caring, they say!)

But it doesn't end there. 

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So, what do you do when you drop out of medical school? Or any other educational programme? Maybe you can do what I did and become a blogger!

Share in the comments how you bounced back from a setback in your life!



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