About ending violence against women...

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In this post I'll be talking about my views on the campaign to end violence against women in Jamaica (well, anywhere else in the world too!)

Ending violence against women

There are only two kinds of people in the world

I only see two kinds of people in the world.

Off the bat you're probably thinking about males and females, based on our context...but that's not it!

Or could it be rich and poor?🤔

No, that's not what I'm thinking!

It couldn't be based on race because I said only two...and you know there are more than two races!

And, no, it's not adults and children 🙂

So what are these two groups of people?

The only two kinds of people in the world are saved and unsaved. Or, we could rephrase that by saying 'children of God' and 'children of the devil'.

Why is this important, especially in this context of violence against women? Well, read on to find out.

I see things from the perspective of spiritual reality

I find it hard to join or support the movement to stop violence against women. 

What did she just say?!😮

"How can you be a woman and not want to end all that has been going on to hurt women and girls? You even have a blog for women!"

I hear you! 

But I didn't say I don't want violence against women to end; I'm just not going to support a movement against it with petitions being signed and all!


There is a basic, fundamental reality of life that I subscribe to.

It began when our foreparents sinned against God and from that, we all are sinners, born as children of the devil! We only get to be children of God because of salvation through Jesus Christ. You know, being born again! (Romans 5).

So, those who are of their father the devil, do as he wants. Those who are children of God do God's will. This is a key spiritual basis that needs to be acknowledged as we seek to solve the world's problems.

You must be born again

The basis of all wicked, hateful, corrupt behaviour in humans is our sinful nature (Galatians 5:19-21). So, if I plan to address violent behaviour and acts against women, I must plan to do two things: 

  1. The first, is that I must also campaign against theft, greed, sexual perversion, hatred, hypocrisy, lying, gossip, addiction, abortion, pride, prayerlessness, jesting, witchcraft, drunkenness...(am I making my point clear?)
  2. The second, is that I must plan to deal with violence against women from its spiritual root of sin, plus or minus demonic influence. 

Signing a petition doesn't get either of those done. Joining a campaign (and in the process uniting with persons who are guilty of "more acceptable" forms of iniquity), does not deal with the root of sin.

My opinion will not be popular and I know why

I know I won't have hoards of people thinking like I do and that's fine. 

To be honest with you, I expect my perspective not to be popular based again on the spiritual reality of life. The world is under the influence of the devil (Ephesians 2:3) and he will not allow spiritual truth to be the foundation of governments across the world! 

Besides, if any of these campaigners were to get too serious about sin in general, a lot of folks would be made uncomfortable (including the campaigners themselves) and nobody wants that!

So let's just focus on stopping violence against women, shall we? Let's resolve that problem and then go back to living our lives just the way we want to... right? 

Unfortunately, that is far from the truth. The sad and disappointing news I have for you, is that violence against women will not end just like that, if the perpetrators don't get saved and get the necessary deliverance!☹️


The problem we are having as humans is sin. The only solution is salvation, plus or minus the ministry of deliverance. 

As Christians, we cannot afford to become sidetracked by movements that seem noble but will only plug one hole in the enormous basket of sin. We have to tell people the truth!

Let's get back to basics!!!!

Thanks for stopping by my fellow Christian Damsel🤗. 

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