The cross represents...

 I’m not a big follow-upper of ‘days’. 

You know...Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and, in this case, Easter. Why? 

I’ll probably share that with you in another post!๐Ÿ˜‰

But, with all the talk about the cross, my excitement is stirred to think more deeply and appreciatively of what Jesus did. 

(I may not stick to the schedule, but if you talk about Jesus I’ll still get excited!)

So here are my thoughts and impressions on what the cross of Jesus represents to me.

The cross represents victory

Victory! Of course! 

Victory over sin...? Well, yes, but I’m not thinking of it in the way you’re probably thinking. 

The victory Jesus demonstrated on the cross is a rich display of victory in suffering and victory in submission

Jesus is an example of a right attitude to have when you’re at what looks like your lowest point. When you can say ‘Father forgive them...’ and ‘Into Thine hands I commit my Spirit’, you know you’re doing something right! 

Jesus shows us a victorious response to the pains, toughness, trials, rigors, disappointments, hurts (you name it...) of the believer’s life. 

Yes, that includes how your parents didn’t raise you right; that also includes the mess of a marriage you’re in; that also includes how you’ve struggled in school! Whatever your pain, the cross reminds you and me that we have the victory when we have the right response! (Hint, hint!)

But what exactly was that victorious and right response?

Let’s look back at what Jesus said when two kinds of pain hit Him: 

  1. when touched with the pain of man’s rejection and spite, He both forgave them and prayed for them! Can you pause for a moment and imagine how healed and helped even your marriage could be if you displayed this victorious response?!
  2. when hit with the pain of the Father’s rejection, Jesus cried out in humble, heartfelt honesty, ‘why have You forsaken me?’
Have you been honest with God and poured out to Him about you feel? 

That’s part of the victory too! 

But it wasn’t a cry of turning from God. 

Rather, Jesus victoriously drew closer to the Father and still wisely put everything in His care. How wise and how sweet! 

Inexplicable pain and suffering didn’t leave Jesus bleeding and bitter, but helped and loved. 

This victory too awaits you and me right there in our own pain. 

The cross represents transformation

God's ultimate aim is to make us like Him

That's where we talk about the fruit of the Spirit.

If Jesus hadn't died, we would have no access to salvation.

In other words, if Jesus hadn't died, we would have no access to the fruit of the Spirit!

Jesus on the cross is a reminder of how serious God is about our being born again. God takes our transformation seriously, and the dreadful cross is our proof!

God is so earnest about your regeneration that He was willing to put Jesus through immense suffering. That tells me being like Jesus is a BIG DEAL!

So don't get distracted or deceived by other elements of Christianity. Remember the mission is to be like Jesus, emanating His fruit in every situation.

Thanks be to God for His cross!

And thank you for stopping by my fellow Christian Damsel ๐Ÿ˜Š.

See you in the next post!



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  1. Thank you for the word yes God want us to be like him

    1. You are absolutely welcome! I'm blessed to share with you! May God bless you to go all the way to being like Him๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ


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