Is this your prayer too?

 Christian damsels, we're back! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

In today's post I share from my heart and ask you if you feel the same way.

The world is full of darkness

Every now and then there's a news report that stirs me. 

It happened again recently with news of a teacher who had gone missing, only to be found dead.

It stirred me.

And I found myself singing this song:

Lord let my life be a light
Shining out through the night
May I help struggling ones to the fold
Spreading cheer everywhere 
To the sad and the lone
Let my life be a light to some soul.

I started praying about myself being generally an instrument of the Holy Spirit. I also prayed specifically that every word on this blog be used to draw all my readers closer to God.

Have you ever been there?

I found myself realizing all over again that all that matters is connecting with God

Have you ever experienced that moment of consciousness before?

It's a precious moment when it all becomes clear; when all you want is to get God for yourself and give Him to others too.

There's no higher or deeper or safer meaning to life. It's what we were made for! 

Let's return to that sweet and beautiful purpose. 

Lord, let my life be a light!

Is that your prayer too?



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  1. Yes ,this is the desire of my heart;I want to be that light to shine for JESUS

    1. Yes, my friend! (I wish I got your nameπŸ€—) The world needs more of it. God bless you to truly be that light continuously!


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