I'm not into movies but this...African film review! Part 1

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In this article I'll be sharing my personal review of an African film I recently watched on YouTube (thanks Jaydeen!)

The film is entitled "High Calling" parts 1, 2 and 3.

High Calling African film

In general...

So first off, I was impressed with the overall quality of the production. (No, I'm not a film expert in any way, shape or size!) But sometimes you can just tell when something you're seeing on the screen is either poorly produced, or done with some excellence🤷🏽‍♀️.

And, off the bat, I saw excellence in these films. By that I'm referring to the videos and images, as well as the sound. 

Even with the strong African accents, I was able to follow along quite well. The theme song is a sweet song of surrender, called Like a Tree or A Living Sacrifice, sung by Joshua Mike-Bamiloye...Love it!😁 As you listen to the song, you are literally seeing the life of the main character unfolding.

Might I say, too, that the acting was GOOD! Again, sometimes I've been so turned off by poor acting! Seriously!🤦🏽‍♀️

But the team at Mount Zion Film Productions did extremely well in capturing the roles they all had to play. I was able to watch John (the main character played by Fiyinfolu Okedare), switch from healthy to sick; from oppressed and discouraged to rejoicing in the Lord! And his brother (played by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye) was amazing! I watched this guy morph from a backslidden carnal young man into a broken husband, and then into a sober spiritual man! Awesome!👍🏽

And now to my specific review...

My review of High Calling Part 1

Trials on campus and at home

If you've never been exposed to Christians in distress, you may be taken aback by the trials of our dear brother John. Now I won't tell you the whole story, of course, but suffice it to say, John was definitely going through! 

With zeal and faithfulness to God and his evangelistic involvements at church, John is depicted as suffering for the gospel. Though he studies hard, his university degree is not what everyone expected it to be. He becomes the disappointment of his father, and eventually gets kicked out of the family home for failing to stop his spiritual "nonsense".

But the beauty of his response was one of faith in God and being faithful to God. John was an example of seeking first God's kingdom and righteousness regardless of the cost. Though heartbroken by his father's decisions, John sees it all as God's doing and strives to trust God through it.

I was also very impressed with the use of other Christians to persecute and ridicule John. For so many people that's where they break, thinking that they must be wrong and the other Christians right. But not Mr. John! He was able to hold on to true spirituality, even when he was challenged by carnal Christians

That was a powerful lesson!

Everybody needs a good spiritual friend

The character Samson, has been a faithful and solid friend to John from the start. It is he who accommodates John in his humble home for a year. But what is a pleasure and an honour for Samson is a pain and burden to John, who desperately tries to find a job but to no avail.

Bear in mind that though John wants a job, the Lord has been using him significantly in the church. Thankfully, and in God's timing, John finally landed a job.

But this job was just another part of his assignment. When led by the Holy Spirit to witness to his boss, he eventually obeys and things are never the same! (You'll understand when you watch it😉).

A significant point here is the fact that John's boss is a so-called Christian. But he was able to say that he has never had the gospel presented to him the way John did! 

Oh how true and sad it is that many wealthy church goers are never confronted about their souls because their pastors are only interested in their financial gifts!

John is still the outcast

John has noticed that his younger brother has good things going for him, even a marriage in the USA.

This brother has not been accepting John's calls or answering his emails. Now, he has not even informed John about his upcoming wedding.

John is still feeling the sting of rejection but he continues to be faithful, prayerful and Spirit-led.


We must learn that the life of a true child of God will not always be easy or go according to our plans. 

But despite what we may face, doing God's will and seeking to be led by the precious Holy Spirit must be our ongoing desires. These are all great spiritual truths brought out in the film. Kudos to Gloria Bamiloye!

Stay tuned for my review of High Calling Part 2! 

In the meantime, give part 1 a watch and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Blessings to you, Christian Damsel!



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