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In a previous post, I offered my take on the African film, High Calling Part 1. 

I promised I would share with you a review on Part 2 and here it is! 😁

High Calling Part 2

Things heat up for Edward

If you've already watched High Calling Part 1 then you will have seen the foundation (or the lack thereof) set for Edward, John's younger brother. 

In an apparent blaze of glory, he left university with a first class degree, was whisked off to the much-adored USA, and seemingly had everything going for him.

The most significant achievement was his marriage to a Nigerian-American woman, and the birth of his child.

All seemed to be fast and fabulous, compared to the low and slow progress of our dear Brother John.

But then things heat up for Edward. His poor foundation is exposed with the result of distress in marriage.

Slowly but surely

The Lord is surely doing it for John! 

Though previously hit with the rejection of his family, God exalts John through the anointing.

(How wise and mysterious God can be!)

His own adamant and insistent dad falls sick one night, and his wife has no choice but to call John. In true Spirit-filled fashion, John offers the only help he could in that moment - he led his mom in prayer.

The results were immediate (and so dramatic too) that John's dad admits his error and affirms God's calling on his older son's life.

Interesting points

There are a few interesting points to highlight and discuss in High Calling Part 2

John's inspiring faithfulness

The character John displayed an inspiring faithfulness - a faithfulness that did not deny his feelings, but rather allowed him to stick it out despite those feelings. 

I also admire the wise, spiritual moves the character John made - like seeking his Pastor's advice and prayer when he felt tired. Add to that the wise, spiritual counsel his Pastor gave to him. Wonderful combination indeed!

Let me mention once again (as in my review of High Calling Part 1) how the character John had to defend his spiritual decisions before other Christians, family included! That's a tough one, because anyone in such a position can tend to feel like a fool, or even mad.

Imagine - John's contentment with his humble abode was seen as preposterous acceptance of suffering! 

Have you ever been there?

Edward's great awakening

The next interesting observation is how spiritually eager Edward got after things started to crumble! 

Like, who goes on three days of fasting when your wife is gone with your child?! Come on! Things are more urgent than that - we need seven! Lol!

But God is merciful, and His mercy was depicted in an astounding restoration and awakening of Edward. His whole thinking changed. 

Where he once neglected to consult the Holy Spirit, Edward was now making God his priority. He was now humbly trusting God.


The Christian journey is one of trials and tests, but also blessings and favour. 

In everything, regardless of what we are facing, God expects us to shine!

"Everywhere we go, everywhere we go, let the name of Jesus be heard!" 🎢

Stay tuned for the review of High Calling Part 3!πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜‰

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