Go multitalented!

Hi my fellow Christian damsels!

It's great to share with you again! In this post I want to encourage you to go multitalented! 

It starts with how we were raised

Many of us were raised in an environment that offered us a limited thinking. We were taught to have a very one-sided view of ourselves and of life. 

For example, when it came to the topic of a career, I was given the impression that you had to be one thing, and pursue just one path. Even in our schools, we were pretty much indoctrinated in the same way. 

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" 

Oh it's such a loaded question! The ''what" was always insinuated as singular - you know, a teacher OR a pilot OR a nurse...and then the other insinuation is it had to happen "when you grow up". 

What if there was a talent I could hone and even monetize as a child or teen? 

At my alma mater, Knox College High School, we were packaged into two groups: either business, or Sciences. So I had to choose between the two (more or less). 

And when it came to Sports... Sigh. I was never encouraged there! I was supposedly a nerd of a Science girl, so I guess no one thought I would do Sports🤷🏽‍♀️

Truth is, I had it in my subconscious that I wasn't supposed to be into sports...but I absolutely loved art and swimming! 

When I knew I had those classes on my timetable, it didn't feel like school. Those classes were just pure fun for me. 

To this day, my former art teacher is still upset with me for not doing art finals. How could I? The school said to do 8 subjects and obediently I stuck to it. I loved the sciences, and I just didn't have the space on my timetable! And I wasn't told about noble careers in art... 

And as it concerns swimming, would you believe I was once told my a swim instructor that I swim like Janelle Atkinson?! What?!😮 (Sigh...again🙄)

I see things differently now...

So, fast forward to the year 2021, and adulthood. Fast forward to a time of revelation, and years of getting to know God and myself.

I can tell you I see life very differently now. 

I now know to embrace all of who I am, and all of what God put in me. He is the One who made me the artistic scientist girl who loves fitness!

I no longer subscribe to the confines of a box or a preset mold. And oh how liberating it is! 

I encourage you too to recognize, embrace and capitalize on every talent that God put in you.

You may already have settled into a career and that's fine. But don't shortchange yourself from starting your sewing or writing or photography or farm or flower shop. 

And if you're still in college, I bet you have an ability that you can put to good use while you're there! Start your business in school so by the time you graduate you'll be leaving with an established business! Hello... your classmates are your clients...and not to mention your lecturers too!

Now, what if you know God is calling you to a specific career path? Unearthing the fullness of who you are in God doesn't mean you are forsaking your calling. It may even be the door that will open the way for you to get there. Go ahead and bloom where you are planted!

You may be sitting on gold!

May I also tell you my dear sisters...it may be those other talents you have , are waiting to become your next side hustle.

And a nice side hustle can even become your next big income stream...🤔 

Like selling E-printables on Etsy...that's something my friends Julie and Cody from Gold City Ventures do. Julie used to do it as just a side hustle and was able to quit her 9 to 5 last year.

Now, they are giving away a FREE ebook to YOU that will teach you more about this great opportunity to earn an income online.

Click on the image below to get your FREE copy and go multi-talented! 

And you don't have to monetize everything either... it's just great fun and fullfillment to do other things and just reach out and be a blessing to others😁.

So, God bless you, my fellow Christian damsel...shine on!



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  1. Hi Yaneke, this is so true... excellent article ����

    1. Thanks lady V! You are a fitting example of going multitalented!😉


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