Am I Qualified to be a Minister?

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This discussion focuses on the question of what qualifies us to be ministers. 

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Am I qualified to be a minister?

The Lord was with David

After King Saul’s unfortunate backsliding, the Bible tells us that he was troubled by an evil spirit (1 Samuel 16:15). Saul obviously needed relief, so his servants suggested that a search be made for someone who would be able to play the harp well, and soothe him (1 Samuel 16:16). 

One servant suggested David, and outlined David’s sterling and notable qualifications (1 Samuel 16:18). Here is the list:

  1. cunning in playing
  2. a mighty valiant man
  3. a man of war
  4. prudent in matters
  5. a comely person
  6. the Lord is with him.

But of all the list of six impressive accomplishments and descriptions, it was the last one mentioned that truly qualified David for the task - the Lord was with him!

If we carefully examine Saul’s issue, we realise that his problem was a spiritual one. Spiritual problems can only be effectively addressed through the help of the Holy Spirit.

In Zechariah 4:6 we are reminded “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts”. Too often, we allow flesh to take the place of Spirit.

We get caught up in our own skill, our own experience, our own warfare tactics, and even in our good looks! 

But what is it that makes a minister effective? It is that the Lord is with you!

Only God’s power and presence can guide and give strength in the fight against unclean spirits and in meeting the various needs of people.

The Lord was with the Apostles

In Acts 4, Peter and John had just healed a lame man, but they did not take any credit for themselves. They knew and declared to the people, that it was only through Jesus they were able to be ministers of healing (Acts 3:12).

When Peter and John stood before the Jewish leaders, something became evident to their opposers. They saw that these otherwise unlearned and unqualified men had something different. They had a more superior qualification that empowered them to be ministers - they had been with Jesus.

Am I Connected?

Like David, Peter and John show us that nothing else mattered for the task at hand. A spiritual problem demanded a spiritual solution and their educational or intellectual levels were irrelevant. 

May we attain this independence of ourselves and cleave to a dependence on the Holy Spirit as our Helper in all things. 

May we seek for, and maintain, this essential Divine connection.

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